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R A M​oore 

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Pier 40

Kenmare Street

SoHo: Chefs

"People are so wonderful that a photographer has only to wait for that breathless moment to capture what he wants on film."  

WeeGee, photographer (1899-1968)

Updated 8/17/16

​Coney Island

Zuccotti Park: OCCUPY WALL STREET, 2011

​Battery Park



Officer on St. Patrick's Day, 2016

​Pier 45, Tango?

Hell's Kitchen, Photographer

​Little Italy: storefront chapel


Subway portrait

Union Square: Take Your Photo With ?

The Bronx

The West Village: Crucifix, 2015

​Coney Island: The Mermaid Parade

​The Upper East Side

fire escape

The West Village, 2015

​Central Park

​The Bowery

Coney Island, 2016

Christopher Street: SWAT Team assigned to pet store, 2016


Chelsea: "Union Rat" inflated at Google

Union Square

Times Square, 2016

Chinatown: Double Take

The Upper East Side

The Four Seasons restaurant

​Central Park

Lila: The Neck Portrait

​The Bowery Mission

Battery Park, Triptych

New York City