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Hairy Holidays, Santacon 2015​

Opera star Ruth Berk, her daughter Jessica and dog Angelina

African Art Collector Marshall Mount tours his collection, 2015

Updated 3/17/16

Brooklyn, New York City: Battina Whitveen at her installation, 2015

St. Joseph's Church: Remembering Lost Heroes

Firefighters Honor Lives Lost in the Line of Duty by bronze plaques for Engine Company 18
Greenwich Village, New York City

Haji of Hollywood Jazz, performing on Christopher Street

Thanksgiving 2015

Fire Department of New York City, Squad 18 Engine Company was faced with losing their treasured vintage firehouse door which was one of many painted on many of the City's Firehouse doors for the country's Bi-Centenial in 1976.  The door is now installed in the Recreation Room upstairs (Fireman's pole at right)

Bleecker Street, New York City, Halloween